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Chris Clausen
Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, 1979

Basic Science Tower, T-5, Room 163
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY, 11794-8661

Phone: (631) 444-3042



My research involves the development and numerical solution of mathematical models related to cellular and tissue function.

My work supports the Molecular Cardiology Institute in their efforts to develop novel therapies based on drug development and gene therapies (using adenovirus as well as stem-cell therapy) used to prevent and/or terminate tachyarrhythmias. In silico studies involve computer models of canine action potentials (atrial, Purkinje fiber and ventricular), both at the cellular level and propagating in a ring of myocardium. The studies facilitate the testing of putative interventions (e.g., safety, efficacy) before in vitro or in vivo studies are subsequently attempted.

Other studies involve mathematical models of the biophysical properties of cells and tissues and include: (1) central CO2 chemoreception in brainstem neurons and the processes involved in altering neural excitability; (2) lacrimal acinar epithelial cells and the secretion of hypertonic KCl solutions; and (3) the renal thick ascending limb (cell level as well as intact tubule) in the production of hypotonic luminal fluid. These models involve kinetic descriptions of membrane transporter proteins, electrodiffusion, cell water transport, intracellular pH regulation, and cell volume regulation, with the equations being solved subject to specific thermodynamic constraints (e.g., computation of the different epithelial membrane potentials).

Selected Publications

Weinstein, S.W & Clausen, C., "Adaptive responses to Na+- coupled solute transport and osmotic cell swelling in salamander proximal tubule" American Journal of Physiology 267:F479-488, 1994.

Wills, N.K., Purcell, R.K., Clausen, C. & Millinoff, "L.P. Effects of aldosterone on the impedance properties of cultured renal amphibian epithelia". Journal of Membrane Biology 133:17-27, 1993

Rich, A., Dixon, T.E. & Clausen, C. "Electrogenic bicarbonate secretion in the turtle bladder: apical membrane conductance characteristics". Journal of Membrane Biology 119: 241-252, 1991



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