Mark Edward Bowen

Department of Physiology & Biophysics
Stony Brook University

Basic Science Tower 5-123

Stony Brook, NY



Mark Bowen was born in Duluth, MN, on the frigid North Coast of the United States.  He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota at Morris, a public, residential liberal arts college.  After graduation, Mark worked in the chemical industry and as a home health aide.  He obtained a Ph.D from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Biochemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Peter G. W. Gettins.  This work investigated alpha-2-Macroglobulin, a molecular trap found in human plasma capable of enveloping proteases within a polypeptide cage.  After receiving his doctorate  in 1998,Mark took a Howard Hughes Medical Institute postdoctoral position at Yale University in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry with Dr. Axel Brunger working on membrane protein structure and function.  Mark next moved with the Brunger lab to Stanford University and joined the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology.  At Stanford he worked with Dr. Steven Chu on single molecule approaches to understanding the molecular mechanism of synaptic transmission.  Mark Bowen is currently an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics; he is also a member of the graduate programs in Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Chemical Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology & Neuroscience.