Dr. Fu-pen Chiang
Distinguished Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. 1966, University of Florida

Fu-pen Chiang’s research interest is in the development and application of various optical techniques such as moire, holographic interferometry and speckle interfercometry for stress analysis, nondestructive evaluation and metrology. He has applied these techniques to the study of fracture, fatigue and damage of metallic, composite and biological materials and published some 200 papers on various topics. Chiang was the recipient of the 1993 B.J. Lazan Award of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, and is a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Mechanics, Optical Society of America and a member of many professional societies including ASME, ASEE, AAAS, ASTM, SPIE, etc. He served as editor of International Journal of Optics and Lasers in Engineering, associate editor of Journal of Experimental Mechanics and ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology. He served as guest editor for four special issues of Journal Optical Engineering, and organized many international and national conferences.

(631) 632-8311, Fu-pen.Chiang@sunysb.edu